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Why LemonUnit?

In LemonUnit we are passionate about participating in companies growth process, we believe that when you grow we grow and when we grow you grow.

We are a unique IT consultancy from Poland offering bespoke programming. We’ve completely discarded the existing software house model and built a company comprised entirely of seniors who are dedicated to our client-centric approach to development.

We are real partners to our Entrepreneur Clients hence we:

  • Make your dream come true – we have all necessary technologies on-board to build your product from 0 to 1
  • Cut costs – we are seniors, our code is flawless, we deliver within time frames and budget
  • Bring relief – we take the responsibility off your shoulders, so you can focus on business!
  • Add value – we are not only your contractor but also a trustworthy partner who serves you with our knowledge, experience and skills

Enough about our goals, tell us more of your dreams and let’s build something astonishing together!


What we do?

Custom Software Development

Our team has extensive experience working with startups and building products from the ground up.


Software Solutions

Our developers have created several out-of-the-box software solutions for common business needs. Perfect for when you can’t wait for a custom-built solution.

Code Review

Our experienced team can conduct in-depth code review for your existing solutions. The review will help you understand if your system is built in healthy and scalable way.

How We Conduct Business

  • Introduction

    We love meeting new people and learning about their venture before we shake hands and start building together.
    At this stage we expect to learn more about you and what you are looking to achieve and build. In return, we’ll share with you our vision, what we do, and how we do software development.

  • Business Call

    We focus on developing a more in-depth understanding of what you are building or want to build, how the product should be built, and your needs and requirements. By the end of the call, we expect to receive any documents that describe your business, vision, and any further information you have. At this point, if you have product specifications, documentation, and layouts, we would want to see them. If you don’t have these elements yet, this is when we could help you create them.

  • Analysis

    We assign a team of experts to analyze your product in terms of both technical and business requirements. During this step of the process, we determine the potential for your project. At this stage, if we feel that your idea may not be quite ready for development, or that there may not be a market for it, we will let you know. Above all else, we want to see our customers succeed, and we’re not afraid to tell you when we think a project should be shelved.

  • Initial Agreement & Proposal Development

    We present you with a project timeline and budget based on the information provided. The more we know about your venture, and the more accurate information we have, the more accurate our own estimations will be. In creating this estimate, we strive to account for the inevitability of unexpected delays and complications, so the margin of error is calculated for both the timing and pricing of the project.

  • Hiring Your Core Team

    Hiring the best core team to build your venture is not an easy task. We scout people who are excited to build your solution, rather than simply working for the money. We hire experts who have experience building solutions which are similar to your product. The hiring process takes up to 2 months.
    During the hiring process we present you with an overview of the experts that could potentially work alongside you to build your venture. The next step is an introduction call where you meet the expert(s) and get to know them, their abilities, and background.

  • Agreement Finalization and Signing

    We finalize the agreement and agree on the financial terms and move into signing the agreement to secure the future of the deal.

  • Solutioning and Scoping Work

    At this stage while the hiring process is on-going, we start developing scope of work and setting up milestones. At this point we also set up the dev environment and the communication channels between the client, the PM, and the team. Essentially, everything that is needed before the development work begins, in order to lay the foundation for a successful project and free flow of information.

  • Delivery

    We deliver the scope of work, detailing the typical software development life cycle, as well as defining the checkpoints during the development process allowing feedback to shape the growth of the project.

  • Zapowiedź


Our Team


  • Hosam Mazawi

    Co-Founder at LemonUnit

    We are a unique IT Consultancy company offering wide range of expertises and experts in various IT fields such as Software Development, Software and Solution Architecture, Mobile Development.

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  • Jacob Sobota

    Web Developer

    I've been creating " colours" on websites for several years. Recently, I have descended into the dark corners of JavaScript and to the delight of my employers I liked it and stayed for longer. I am currently creating mobile and desktop applications, online stores and all derivatives of Internet applications.

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  • Robert Ruszała

    Co-Founder at LemonUnit

    Robert loves the startups spirit, specially building new solutions that could make the world a better place, for the last 2 years he is building LemonUnit, a unique IT consultancy offering bespoke programming. Starting with almost nothing, LemonUnit has 12 Senior developers almost more any the any software company in Podkarpackie. Robert believes in “the Why” and in hard work, that why he is a big fan of Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk. In the last 15 years Robert worked as graphic designer, programming, architecture and Project Manager.
    Robert became the Head of the IT department at G2A since 2015 (the largest digitial marketplace in the world), where he built the entire IT department hiring over 150 people from the very beginning, he as well built the QA and PM departments. It was considered to be the strongest IT department in south-eastern Poland.

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  • Gabriel Zima

    Software Developer

    I can do the backend, I can do the frontend as well. Both in many different technologies (I can’t even imagine which ones). I feel comfortable in MSSQL and lately in Azure too.

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  • Jacek Korniak

    PHP Developer

    I have been creating web applications for over 13 years.
    My tools are: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS and everything else that will prove useful. Creating new, interesting and useful applications is my passion.

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  • Jacek Nowacki

    Frontend developer

    Programmer since childhood, working in the commercial IT industry over 10 years. Started with PHP and Frontend, today focusing mainly on JavaScript, I build frontend applications, servers, mobile and desktop applications, IoT devices. My Favorite projects are the ones that help in everyday work through automations offering better user experience. My satisfaction is to hear “Jacek, it works great, it helps me a lot”.

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  • Michał Kuziara

    Frontend developer

    "You know computers …" they said. "Become a programmer - it'll be fun …" they said. Well, I became a Web Developer, with focus on Frontend, I likes to dig in css, js and generally arrange all these blocks in a nice and functional image and if necessary dive into the backend to add this missing comma.

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  • Marcin Kasprzyk

    Backend developer

    Software developer with 8 years experience. I specialize mainly in creating web applications. I have extensive experience in - PHP, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Solr, Elastic, RabbitMQ, Kafka, GIT, SVN. Recently, I have been working with NodeJS and TypeScript.

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  • Tomasz Skręt

    DevOps and Wizard

    Automate everything! I really like to automate processes and repetitive work. In the IT industry for over 10 years. Worked in many projects - small and large. Extensive experience in PHP, server administration, project management. I love learning new technologies and programming languages.

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  • Jurij "Jurek" Tokarski

    Full-stack JavaScript Engineer

    I can program something on JavaScript. I can prepare an environment for something that is written in JavaScript. I can make someone else write something in JavaScript and as well prepare for development environment for it.

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  • Konrad Piękoś

    Mobile Developer

    If something needs to be built and run on mobile, I will do it! I have been creating mobile applications for over 5 years and I honestly LOVE it. New technologies? No problem, give me a moment.

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  • Jakub Czekański

    Software Developer

    I love creating mobile apps. Fascinated by new technologies, old tools and low-level issues.

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  • Maciej Sikorski


    It does not work. 😂

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  • Daniel Romanik

    Project Manager

    Experienced in managing projects both for internal and external customers, always looking for additional values within every opportunity. Creative, critical thinker that always finds a way to please the customer and retain integrity within the team. Customer-oriented fan of win-win solutions.

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