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A unique IT consultancy offering bespoke programming.

Why LemonUnit?

At LemonUnit we are passionate about building products from the ground up, we are a team of Superhero IT consultants and entrepreneurs. 

We believe that when you grow we grow and when we grow you grow.

We’ve completely discarded the existing software house model and built a company comprised entirely of seniors who are dedicated to our client-centric approach to development.

We are real partners to our Entrepreneur Clients, hence we:

  • Make your dream come true – we have all necessary technologies on-board to build your product from 0 to 1
  • Cut costs – we are seniors, our code is flawless, we deliver within time frames and budget
  • Bring relief – we take the responsibility off your shoulders, so you can focus on business!
  • Add value – we are not only your contractor but also a trustworthy partner who serves you with our knowledge, experience and skills

Enough about our goals, tell us more of your dreams and let’s build something astonishing together!

What we do?

Custom Software Development

Our team has extensive experience working with startups and building products from the ground up.


Software Solutions

Our developers have created several out-of-the-box software solutions for common business needs. Perfect for when you can’t wait for a custom-built solution.

Code Review

Our experienced team can conduct in-depth code review for your existing solutions. The review will help you understand if your system is built in healthy and scalable way.

How We Conduct Business

  • Introduction

    We love meeting new people and learning about their venture before we shake hands and start building together.
    At this stage we expect to learn more about you and what you are looking to achieve and build. In return, we’ll share with you our vision, what we do, and how we do software development.

  • Business Call

    We focus on developing a more in-depth understanding of what you are building or want to build, how the product should be built, and your needs and requirements. By the end of the call, we expect to receive any documents that describe your business, vision, and any further information you have. At this point, if you have product specifications, documentation, and layouts, we would want to see them. If you don’t have these elements yet, this is when we could help you create them.

  • Analysis

    We assign a team of experts to analyze your product in terms of both technical and business requirements. During this step of the process, we determine the potential for your project. At this stage, if we feel that your idea may not be quite ready for development, or that there may not be a market for it, we will let you know. Above all else, we want to see our customers succeed, and we’re not afraid to tell you when we think a project should be shelved.

  • Initial Agreement & Proposal Development

    We present you with a project timeline and budget based on the information provided. The more we know about your venture, and the more accurate information we have, the more accurate our own estimations will be. In creating this estimate, we strive to account for the inevitability of unexpected delays and complications, so the margin of error is calculated for both the timing and pricing of the project.

  • Hiring Your Core Team

    Hiring the best core team to build your venture is not an easy task. We scout people who are excited to build your solution, rather than simply working for the money. We hire experts who have experience building solutions which are similar to your product. The hiring process takes up to 2 months.
    During the hiring process we present you with an overview of the experts that could potentially work alongside you to build your venture. The next step is an introduction call where you meet the expert(s) and get to know them, their abilities, and background.

  • Agreement Finalization and Signing

    We finalize the agreement and agree on the financial terms and move into signing the agreement to secure the future of the deal.

  • Solutioning and Scoping Work

    At this stage while the hiring process is on-going, we start developing scope of work and setting up milestones. At this point we also set up the dev environment and the communication channels between the client, the PM, and the team. Essentially, everything that is needed before the development work begins, in order to lay the foundation for a successful project and free flow of information.

  • Delivery

    We deliver the scope of work, detailing the typical software development life cycle, as well as defining the checkpoints during the development process allowing feedback to shape the growth of the project.

  • Zapowiedź


Case Study

  • Geon Network

    IOS and Android applications utilizing Blockchain - Visit Places, Get Rewards


    Geon provides a frictionless transfer of value between users that are in the network based on their geolocation to any place in the world. They can receive funds without the need to generate and store a cryptocurrency wallet or mine their cryptocurrencies the traditional way by means of computing a proof-of-work. The user simply gets rewarded by being present at a specific location.

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  • Osnova

    Online fashion design ecommerce platform for both B2C and B2B.


    The Osnova platform promotes the trend of conscious shopping with all products made by Polish designers in Poland. Supporting local vendors and not Asian chains. Osnova is an exclusive marketplace where customers can find a wide selection of goods, learn about sustainable fashion and find products made of eco-materials. The B2B section allow business users to find support in whichever business area they need – vendors, manufacturers, designers, exclusive sewing rooms, photographers, models, influencers and more.

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  • Belle


    Belle is a user-friendly platform that allows women to filter and choose the best matching clothes. The client signs up, enters her information, such as size, hair and eye colors and her skin tone. Based on these details a unique algorithm provides her with a list of clothes from top brands that are most likely to suit her needs and taste. With the help of Belle, client’s experience is improved as they are likely to have fewer issues with the differences in size charts across countries when shopping at different stores. In other words, they no longer have to wonder if a 36 from Europe is the equivalent of a US 0 or 2, as of Belle simply provides them with clothing choices based on their actual dimensions. As of right now, Belle has already been integrated with asos.com and the number of stores for integration is growing.

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  • Cointelligence


    Cointelligence creates tools for individuals and organizations to better engage with the crypto and blockchain industry. Recently Cointelligence launched the educational platform Cointelligence Academy, a cryptocurrency education platform designed to be accessible to students any time, anywhere. Cointelligence also caters to companies that have specific blockchain or cryptocurrency research needs on topics such as assets, service providers, and exchanges.

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