Belle is a fashion personal assistant on a web platform and the upcoming mobile app that helps you create a perfectly matching outfit. No more mismatched clothes!


Belle is a user-friendly platform that allows women to filter and choose the best matching clothes. The client signs up, enters her information, such as size, hair and eye colors and her skin tone. Based on these details a unique algorithm provides her with a list of clothes from top brands that are most likely to suit her needs and taste. With the help of Belle, client’s experience is improved as they are likely to have fewer issues with the differences in size charts across countries when shopping at different stores. In other words, they no longer have to wonder if a 36 from Europe is the equivalent of a US 0 or 2, as of Belle simply provides them with clothing choices based on their actual dimensions. As of right now, Belle has already been integrated with and the number of stores for integration is growing.

Project name




Web development, Algorithm implementation, Project Management


Web application

The goal

The aim of the project was to create a virtual personal assistant to help clients find and choose the best matching clothes based on their size, dimension, hair color, eye color and more. Thanks to Belle, users can avoid purchasing mismatched clothes, which results in lower return rate to the store, and therefore, have a better shopping experience, which is also reflected in lower product return rate. They can also spend a lot less time searching for the perfect matching clothes which are simply presented to them on Belle.

Our role

LemonUnit handled the front-end and back-end development in the project. We have built the entire platform from the ground up. We have developed the admin panel, the user dashboard, the unique algorithm behind Belle that matches clothes with the user’s parameters. We’ve also handled maintenance as well as the integration of the whole product line from