LemonUnit is a unique IT Consultancy offering a wide range of expertise and experts in various IT fields such as Software Development, Software and Solution Architecture, Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, and more.

At LemonUnit, our teams are comprised entirely of Senior Consultants with many years of experience in different business sectors and project scales including startups and enterprise companies.

Why are we building a Software Company?

Most software houses only hire 2-5% senior developers, 20% experienced developers, and the remaining 75-78% of their team consists of junior developers. When you contract with one of the software houses, usually you’re assigned a developer or team of developers who are simultaneously working on other projects alongside yours. They’re overworked, overstressed, and not focused on bringing your vision to life.

This reflects itself in how these companies overcharge, under-deliver, and constantly miss deadlines.

We are a boutique consultancy of superhero consultants. When other software houses have let you down, LemonUnit is here to save the day. We are here for you at any stage of development, whether you need to build something from the ground up, take yourself to the next level, or have access to top-notch talent during delivery and post-production. Our powers of development, problem solving, and communication allow us to be who you need, when you need us.

Why LemonUnit Consultancy

LemonUnit is a boutique consulting firm specializing in delivering value to its customers together with its unique set of Senior IT Consultants who have accumulated many years of experience in various IT fields.

Our Consultants are chosen because they are the most skilled in their field. Each one of them brings a different set of skills, not only technical but also soft skills. LemonUnit consultants are leaders who take IT projects to the next level by applying their expertise in IT Project Management, Solution Consultancy, Software Delivery, and more.

Our customer’s interest is at the top of our priorities and at LemonUnit Consulting the teams are designed to perfection, aiming to bring the most added value when talking about IT Transformations, Mobile Development, Software Development, Cloud Migrations, and other challenging projects.

Leadership and professionalism are our main drivers when talking about our relationships with clients. With LemonUnit Consultancy, clients can get the most varied professionals in several IT fields, who together construct a project team of Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Leaders, and other IT professionals .

Why LemonUnit Consultants?

A senior developer has at least seven years experience in the industry, but more than that, a senior developer has the skillset, knowledge, and ability to lead a project. Senior developers are differentiated by their incredible problem solving skills. In fact, senior developers relish the chance to figure out something new, or improve upon an existing solution. They’re always looking for the next puzzle or challenge.

Perhaps the best thing about senior developers is they’re self-guided. Tell them what you want and need and they’re already planning how to make it happen. Oftentimes, their years in the field gives them insight not just into the technical challenges, but to the business use case. We look for developers who have the confidence to provide technical insight and business insight.

The Qualities of a LemonUnit Senior Consultant

Our consultants come with a diverse set of technical and soft skills allowing them to integrate smoothly into existing projects or establish a new project from its very beginning stages.

At LemonUnit, diversity is a key factor which guarantees that we are able to respond to a very wide range of a client’s IT requirement or issues, such as starting an IT Transformation Project, guaranteeing the project’s delivery, executing production stabilization plans, and operating live production solutions.

Our Values

We’ve built our software house on a set of foundational principles that we live and embody every day.

Transparency – We maintain transparency at all levels, between ourselves, our clients and our developers.

Innovation – We always look for the best way to create what you need, even if it’s never been done before.

Collaboration – We practice setting aside the ego and consulting the experts around us.

Punctuality – We meet deadlines.

Quality – We know that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Honesty – We value clear communication about price, timelines, and product viability.