Have you encountered a scam in the crypto and blockchain industry? Whether you were a victim of the scam or just witnessed clearly illicit behavior, you can do your part to raise awareness and stop scammers! Cointelligence CEO On Yavin is a scammer fighter and he has advice on how to fight scams.

  1. Share your experience with the world. Post on social media. If you were taken advantage of by a scammer, it can be embarrassing to admit your mistake, but your experience can help others avoid being tricked.
  2. Warn any mutuals. If you were roped into the scam by an old friend or family member, you should warn any mutual acquaintances who might also be considering this “investment opportunity.”
  3. Arm your friends and family against scammers. Find reputable guides from people like On Yavin scammer hunter and the Cointelligence team on how to spot crypto scams.
  4. Leave reviews! If you were scammed by a cryptocurrency exchange or project, leave reviews on any site that you can. Be clear about how they scammed you.
  5. Don’t be afraid to criticize others who are supporting the scammer. If you see the person or company who scammed you featured at events or interviewed in publications, let them know how disappointed you are and what your experience was with this scammer.

Remember, scammers are able to continue their dirty work because no one suspects them. Be like On Yavin scammer hunter and shine the light of suspicion on crypto scammers today.