As an entrepreneur, choosing a reliable software development outsourcing company that meets the goals of your startup might not be an easy task. What matters is an experienced software development team that can provide both web and mobile development services. When choosing a team, take into consideration the efficiency of the software they have implemented and the pricing of their services. 

In this article, we will look into that and some other factors, such as setting your goals, harnessing additional gains, and establishing a business partnership rather than just hiring a service provider. 

Identify your needs and balance them against your budget before you start building your MVP

Before considering any software development outsourcing company, you have to ask yourself and answer this:

  1. What kind of product do you want to build? Is it a website? A mobile app? An e-commerce platform? Or something else?
  2. What problems do you want your product to solve?
  3. Will your clients need it?

Once you have answered all these 3 questions, you probably have the main features of your minimum viable product (MVP). By now, you can also compare it with your budget. Dividing your project into smaller elements will give you a better understanding of what your product needs to be. It’ll also help you choose a service provider that matches your technological needs. 

For example, if you want to develop an e-commerce marketplace that sells physical or virtual goods, then security should be on the top of your list –  you will have to protect your clients’ money against potential security breaches at all costs. Otherwise, you risk losing your own money (and your clients’ money) as well as all the trust your business earned so far.

That’s why you need a software development house with a proven track record in building e-commerce websites with bulletproof security. If the products you sell are expensive, you should find a development team that can build your e-commerce portal from scratch. Don’t rely on open source e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Magneto, VirtueMart, etc. 

As the volume of your transactions increases, more hackers will want to cyber-attack your website or mobile app. You need a service provider that can be able to offer your periodic penetration testing for your website to detect and mitigate potential security loopholes.    

Choose a software development outsourcing company with expertise in your business niche

There are multiple factors that might impact your choice including the geographical location, rate, technology stack, references, work experience record, etc. However, the number of successfully shipped products or technological skills is not the only determinant of success. Looking for a development team with interest in your business niche can greatly benefit your product. You’re way better off looking for a development team that has already launched their very own product in your business niche. Such a team will be inspired by your project and will be overall more willing to work hard to produce an awesome product. Moreover, common interests may end up in a business partnership between both sides.

Ongoing communication throughout the development process

Building a perfect software solution requires ongoing communication with the development team all through the period of coding and implementation of your desired solution. Your selected development team should offer 24/7 communications with their clients all through the period of coding, testing, and live implementation which can last for a few months. It is important to make sure that any problems are detected and addressed sooner than later. This will also help the team of developers to understand your needs clearly and quickly. The most commonly adopted practice in today’s startup industry is offering the project’s founders the option to personally manage the hired team of developers. You should be able to communicate with them personally on a daily basis via Telegram, Skype or any other tool. Using cloud-based team collaboration services, such as Slack is essential to continuously monitor the progress of the project’s development roadmap. As such, you will be deeply involved throughout the process of development and aware of all the details of the development lifecycle of your software’s solution. 

Look for ninja developers

Look for a software development outsourcing company with reputable ninja developers on the team. A ninja developer is not someone who comes in just one single programming language or a single technology stack. Those are developers who are multifaceted polyglots. Ninjas can address any problems via their programming skills that span across multiple programming languages. You can easily identify ninja developers via their Linkedin profiles that include their completed projects that usually showcase amazing success stories. 


All in all, when choosing the best software development outsourcing company for your project, you should take into consideration a number of features like the projects in their portfolio, their experience, and various skills. At the same time, never underestimate the value of experience in YOUR industry – it is the most important factor that will allow you to build a successful project which you can’t simply “buy”.