Two months ago, a friend contacted me for help during his job interviews, and while I initially helped him, I ended up refusing to continue, and I would like to share the story of why.

He is a salesman, and was being interviewed for a sales position for a software house. 

As I own a software house and know how to sell my business well, I definitely could have helped him, had the circumstances been different.

I did guide him through the first stage of interviews, but then the CEO of that company asked him to prepare 3-4 sales presentations, without being hired or paid for the work that he would be doing, while calling it a test period.

For me, that was a red flag, and I wrote him the following:

“It doesn’t look right to ask you for the presentation while he hasn’t actually hired you.

If this is the approach a company or a person takes to conduct a test before hiring, it reflects what kind of culture they might have.

Bottom line, not a company you wanna work at.

And if this is the case, I’m sorry, I’m not willing to give the knowledge for free for such a person or company”.

Two months later, my friend wrote to me:

“Just wanted to let you know that your predictions were very accurate according to your analysis of the job opportunity and map I presented you regarding this potential employer I had around 2 months ago.

The guy, after all the shit he put me through to prepare and study, and the “friendship” he was making me feel we’d established, said 3 weeks ago that the company was facing a slope on their first client and they wouldn’t be hiring any sales executives.

Which to me was bullshit as I  already saw the processes they were running.

I would have preferred to have the guy telling me from the start he didn’t want to hire me, rather use my knowledge for free.

Lesson learned: don’t put the whole meat to the fire at the beginning.

I appreciate your help man!”

My response to him

“A big heart ❤️ and lots of love and support.

Reading people’s behavior and predicting who they are based on their business approach is one of the qualities that I have developed throughout the years, and continue to expand upon.

I’m happy that you went through it, however, because that’s the only way you could learn it for yourself.

You might not see it right now, but such experiences just move you forward in your career, and in the future, I promise you will see this as more valuable than as time wasted.”